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Gray Iron and Ductile Iron

-What is gray iron?

Gray iron cast iron is a kind of cast iron, the internal carbon is in flake graphite. The fracture is gray, so it’s called gray iron.

-What is ductile iron?

Nodular iron is also called ductile iron. It is a special form of cast iron that is treated with magnesium before the metal is cast,

The result is an exceptionally strong, stress-resistant cast iron.


-Two kinds of cast iron under the microscope


- Differences between ductile iron and traditional gray iron:

In the ordinary gray iron structure, graphite exists in sheets. Adding magnesium at the melting stage transforms it into a spherical structure. The spherical structure increases the tensile strength of the metal

Under equal mass, it can withstand pressure better than gray iron.

- Advantages of ductile iron:

Ductile iron can save up to 50% weight compared to traditional gray iron due to its higher pressure.

Post time: May-08-2023