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Shijiazhuang Jipeng Import and Export Co., Ltd.

"We are the pipeline specialist! We are the casting specialist!"

Company Profile


We are a main import and export corporation which can be traced back to be founded in 1974,named Shijiazhuang Minmetals and Machinery Export Company.In 1998,it changed the name to Shijiazhuang Jipeng Imp.&Exp.Co.,ltd  which approved by Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trace of P.R.China at that time.Our company is specializing in metals and machineries,industrial and construction materials.The most advantageous and experienced products are metal pipelines and accessories for buildings drainage inside and outside ,municipal projects.

Company's Business Scope

1.Cast iron cookware

2. No-hub cast iron pipes,fittings and stainless steel couplings for building drainage ,waste and vent according to EN877,DIN19522,ASTM A888,CISPI301,CASB70 ,ISO6594.

3.Grooved fittings and couplings  for fire fighting.

4.Ductile cast iron pipes and fittings for conveying water field ISO2531,EN545,EN598

5.Manhole covers and frame to EN124,SS30:1981 ,gratings ,floor and roof drains.

6.Various castings and forgings and machining parts according to foreign customers’ drawings or samples.Materials can be ductile,carbon steel and stainless steel.

1 Factory workshop
4 casting workshop
2 Roughcast workshop
5 production line
3 Sample workshop
6  finished product warehouse

Good Reputation

Our products always have good reputation in foreign markets and they are widely exported to USA, Canada, European countries, Southeast Asian countries, Russia, HK and Taiwan etc. We assure to provide high quality products, on time delivery and thorough service. All customers domestic and abroad are welcomed to our company and our factories.



1. Founded in 1998, our company has a long history, which turnover is more than 20million US dollars. We have full experienced stuffs to serve our foreign customers, special project manager to negotiate product details, handle documents and shipping issues etc. We can produce not only fixed products, but also be OEM, to make various products or casting parts according to foreign customer's drawings or samples.

2. Customers can enjoy more flexible and efficient delivery of goods here, one of our advantages is to collect different kinds of goods into one full container, some of our customers even need more than 5 kinds of goods for one time in one container. That will be more convenient to our customers.

3. Quality control is another valuable service for our customers. During the production or before shipment, our quality controller will be in factory to speed up the delivery and check quality and written report. Imperfect articles will be rejected until manufacturer to reproduce or improve the quality good enough.