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ASTM A888 cast iron fittings

  • ASTM A888 Hubless Cast Iron Fittings

    ASTM A888 Hubless Cast Iron Fittings

    Hubless cast iron soil fittings are mainly used in drainpipe through a flexible linkage.The product has totally get the standards,ASTM A888,CISPI301,and has the following advantages:flat and straight,even pipe wall,high strength and density,high smoothness on the inner and outer surface of the wall,no defects in foundry,easy installation,easy maintain,long life,helpful to environment,fireproof and no noise.

    Coating: Inside and outside Bituminous paint coating

    Sizes: 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″

    Cast Gray Iron Pipe And Fittings Chemical Component P<0.38 S<0.15 Cr<0.50 Ti<0.10 Al<0.50 Pb<0.015 C+(Si+P)/3 CE>4.10

    Gray Iron Mechanical Properties>145Mpa

  • ASTM A888 Cast Iron Fittings Drains

    ASTM A888 Cast Iron Fittings Drains

    We can supply all kinds of Hubless fittings which can meet ASTM A888 standard,and also many special shapes fittings can be supplied.Coating:bitumen or Acid Resisting Epoxy Coated. Application: Floor, Ground drain,Roof drain.Material: Cast Iron,stainless steel,bronze,brass

    Surface Treatment: Polished and Cr or Ni plated.

  • C.I. S TRAP   &    C.I. P TRAP

    C.I. S TRAP & C.I. P TRAP

    Place of Origin: China

    Standard: ASTM A888/CISPI 301

    Coating: Inside and Outside Bituminas paint coating

    Color: Black

    Material: Gray Cast Iron

    Marking:OEM or at customers’ requirements

    Size: DN40 to DN300