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What are the specific steps when connecting the pipes?

When grooved pipe fittings are used, what are the specific steps when connecting the pipes?

As a grooved pipe manufacturer, let us show you how to use grooved pipe fittings to connect the pipes!

Installation preparation – grooving – opening – installing mechanical tee and cross – pipe installation – system pressure test. The required pipe fittings include clamps, elbows, tees, crosses, etc. The installation method is as follows:

1.Clamp: the rubber has the large friction, which makes it difficult to install the seal ring. The seal ring should be lubricated accordingly, and then it can be put into one end of the pipe, and then the other pipe should be aligned with the pipe orifice at that end. The seal ring should be moved to the sealing surface of the two pipes, and both sides of the seal ring should not extend into the groove of the pipe.

2.Flange: lubricate the flange seal ring with neutral lubricant, and then install the flange seal ring on the pipe sealing surface. During the installation,should separate the two flanges, install the annular key parts of the two flanges into the pipe end groove, tighten the radial bolts on both sides, and adjust the gap between the two sides to be close.

3.Open-type joint: loosen the open-type joint bolt, align the branch part of the branch cover with the opening of the pipe, and use the positioning structure of the branch cover to locate itself. If it is a four-way joint, the opposite side is also a branch cover, and the installation method is the same as before, and then tighten the bolt. If it is a three-way joint, the flat cover can close the fastening bolt.

The grooved fittings connection has a wide range of applications, and can be used in heat exchange and air conditioning systems, fire protection systems, process and industrial piping systems, petrochemical systems, water pipeline engineering, mining engineering, water treatment engineering, power plant engineering, military engineering and other occasions.



Post time: Mar-13-2023