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About the manhole cover, cast iron or ductile iron?

The manhole cover is familiar to us. It can be seen everywhere in streets, alleys, parking lot and sidewalks. As long as there is sewer, there will be manhole covers to cover the wellhead, preventing pedestrians from falling and avoiding danger. In the market, there are cast iron material and ductile iron material, sp what’s the difference between them? How should we choose?

Why will a lot of people choosen the cast iron manhole covers?

The simple reason is that cast iron manhole covers can meet the needs of modern society.

Although its cost is a little bit higher compared with the Concrete manhole cover, But its long life periord and strong pressure resistance make it less possibility to damage. And its appearance is beautiful and durable. It is in line with the needs of modern cities.

How about the Ductile iron manhole covers?

The ductile iron grade is QT500-7, and the tapping temperature of the molten iron should not be less than 1456 ℃.

During the spheroidization treatment, rare earth silicon iron magnesium alloy is added and coke with low sulfur content is selected, with a spheroidization level of more than Grade III. And there are two types ductile iron manhole covers, circular and square, for our city’s needs.

In summary, both cast iron manhole covers and ductile iron manhole covers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose according to our own needs.

Post time: Sep-08-2023