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Various joints of ductile iron pipes

1. Tyton Joint

Tyton joint is simplicity itself. A single rubber sealing type joint that employs a circular rubber gasket assures a tight, permanent seal. This “push-on” type joint is simple to assemble and fast to install. Eliminates the needs for bolts, nuts and glands. The rubber gaskets fit the inside contour of the bell which seats the gasket. The plain end of pipe is beveled to further ease assembly.
Tyton Joint pipe is highly recommended wherever there is a need for an easily assembled tight joint for ductile iron pressure pipe. It is particularly well suited for water or other liquid service.

2. Mechanical Joint

Mechanical joint is uncomplicated and effective, this permanent joint comprises a gland, gasket, bolts and nuts. It requires little mechanical skill to install, and is unusually easy to assemble. No Special tools are required for installation other than a standard ratchet wrench. When properly installed, this joint will maintain a perfect seal indefinitely without further maintenance.

3. Flange Joint

Over ground and specialized applications require retrained joints where flange joint would be recommended to use. Flange joint would be acted as rigid and self-restrained joint reducing the requirement of thrust blocks. Flanged pipe is ideal for over-ground, exposed installations, and vertical pipelines. It is widely used in industrial piping systems, water treatment plants, and sewerage treatment plants, and for other interior piping. Normally 3 types of flanged pipes would be manufactured: integrally cast-on flanged pipes, screwed-on flanged pipes and welded-on flanged pipes.

Post time: Apr-22-2021