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Ductile cast iron pipe fittings brief introduction


1. Anti-corrosive Options by Customers
1) Interior Coating:
Sulfate-resistant & Silicate- resistant
Aluminate Cement
Fusion Bonded Epoxy

2) Exterior Coating:
Zinc-rich Paint + Bituminous Paint
Zinc-rich Paint + Epoxy Paint

2. Attentions for Pipe Fittings Crating and Shipping
1) Larger sizes should be crated singly and fixed on the pallet by using iron wire, smaller sizes should be layered by wooden late and fixed by using iron wire.
2) Wrapping the pallet entirely and firmly by using stretched film.
3) It should be water-proof and shock absorption during shipping,and anti-impact as loading and unloading.
4) Pipe fittings should be stored in the well-ventilated and dry warehouse without any corrosive materials. Storage temperature -10℃~+40℃.

Post time: Apr-14-2021